Tom of Silver Spring, MD on Climate Change

Tom of Silver Spring, MD writes:

I am a native of Pennsylvania but have lived in Maryland for the last 3.5 years while I complete my doctorate (history).  My research and teaching interests are rooted in the nineteenth century, namely slavery and abolition and the rise of the fossil fuel energy industry.  I live in Silver Spring and am a big fan of the AFI theater.

We are all affected by climate change.  Our children and grandchildren will be affected by climate change.  If there is an issue we can agree as Democrats and Republicans on, it is that a future for our children on a planet that is healthy and fruitful is the most important thing we can leave.  Climate change causes political conflict over water and because of crop failures.  It negatively affects the health of people around the globe.  And with the rising of sea levels, it forebodes a future of migration across the globe away from coastal regions amidst more powerful hurricanes. Addressing climate change now with great urgency is one that addresses inequality, as the affects of climate change will inevitably effect the downtrodden first.  It will not, however, spare those with privilege, as an inhabitable or less habitable earth fundamentally reshapes what it means to be human.

We must fight to keep the agreements signed under President Obama in place and enact new programs that boost alternative energies and cut greenhouse gas emissions.  We need to work locally and globally: these issues affect each of us. Demand action at the state and federal levels. Advocate for sustainable programs in our local communities.  Our success or failure on this will not be felt most deeply by us, but by future generations yet unborn.  We owe it to them, to the future.

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