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Sarah of Los Angeles, CA on Health Care

Sarah of Los Angeles, CA writes: Born and raised in Southern California, I have been privileged to work with homeless mentally ill individuals for 10 years, until a combination of a car accident and psoriatic arthritis disabled me. I have psoriatic arthritis. If it’s not treated, my hands wither into useless claws and I end…

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Meet Kook of Richmond, CA by Molly Hermes

Molly Hermes writes: Kook Huber originally emigrated from Japan as a student, met her husband, both worked in the civil rights movement, and raised a family in Indiana where they lived for 40 years. After a career in the health care industry as a statistical programmer, Kook and her husband moved to Richmond, California to…

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Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA on Climate Change

Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA writes: How can we not care about the air we breathe? About the sustainability of the world we inhabit? About the shape that we leaving this planet in for our own children and grandchildren? I am very proud of the movement’s and President Obama’s achievements in getting serious about…

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