rain of berkeley, CA on Health Care

rain of berkeley, CA writes:

I’m a self employed woman, living in Berkeley California. I worked for 10 years as a hospital social worker here in Berkeley, then, thanks to the ACA, was able to open my own business (a private healthcare practice) in late 2013. I had previously been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, and would not have been able to go into private practice without this landmark legislation. I have always been a supporter and was one of the first to sign up!

I am a cancer survivor and the Affordable Care Act saved my life. In March, 2015, at the age of 42, I got the results from my first ever mammogram: they had found an aggressive malignant tumor that had already spread to my lymph nodes.

Being diagnosed with cancer is terrifying enough; thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I didn’t have to worry about the quality of my healthcare, my coverage limits, or personal bankruptcy as a result of my diagnosis. I received state of the art care at a top research hospital, and today I am cancer free. My business is thriving, and my health care premiums are affordable.

However, without the ongoing protections of the ACA, I will certainly lose my health care coverage; I will be forced to close my business and seek benefitted employment, reversing the forward progress of my career. I may lose access to the medical team that saved my life.

I am fighting for the ACA not just for myself, but for those who need it even more than I do – people who would have even more trouble getting coverage, and whose only option would be to go without health insurance. We can’t let this happen.

Please join me in defending the Affordable Care Act! Talk to your Senators, your Representatives, your friends, and your family. Share your healthcare story if you are covered by the ACA. This affects all of us.

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Carrie of Albany, CA on Education

Carrie of Albany, CA writes:

I have taught students with learning disabilities for over fifteen years, in both public and private schools, as well as after school each day. I work with those most significantly affected by their disabilities: kids who need one-on-one support to succeed. I love my work, and get a ton of satisfaction seeing my students improve in reading, writing, and math skills.

Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education is appalling. She has no ahem, EDUCATION in our field, and her extreme  far-right views, will take badly-needed funds from our public schools. The last thing our students, or teachers need, is less support than they already have. If you set back education, you set back an entire generation of learners, affecting their individual lives, and our entire social system. We need these young people to be strong thinkers, and readers, writers, scientists and engineers, artists and musicians some day. We cannot afford to deprive them of a good education.

My own two kids just graduated from public schools in 2016. They are both in college. Not only did we need the public schools, since we’re not well-off,  but now we rely on Federal subsidized loans, to keep them in college. Please oppose this extremist poorly educated choice for Secretary of Education, and help preserve the limited funding that our schools, and our college students now have.

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Sarah of Los Angeles, CA on Health Care

Sarah of Los Angeles, CA writes:

Born and raised in Southern California, I have been privileged to work with homeless mentally ill individuals for 10 years, until a combination of a car accident and psoriatic arthritis disabled me.

I have psoriatic arthritis. If it’s not treated, my hands wither into useless claws and I end up in a wheelchair. The drugs to fight psoriatic arthritis cost thousands of dollars a month – I could never afford them without Obamacare. Right now, Congress is voting to repeal Obamacare with no plan to replace it. They repeal: I cannot afford my drugs. Essentially, each member voting to repeal Obamacare is voting to make me a paraplegic. I have never been more terrified than I am right now.

I am 42. I shouldn’t have to become a paraplegic because of nothing more than politics. Please help stop this

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Sheila of Orinda, CA on Health Care

Sheila of Orinda, CA writes:

Four years ago, I moved back into to my father’s house because he desperately needed help with my mother who had dementia. I need to work at a job where I could quit when my help became essential. Even though I have a MA and years of experience teaching, I couldn’t work full time and care for two 90 year old who were both failing dramatically,  so I signed up as a substitute teacher. I have saved my father’s life twice by being able to stop work. I stopped work when my mother had a stroke and died to take care of her full time. Now my father has serious dementia. I also must pay for half my daughter’s room and board at her college. I make less than 20,000 a year working almost everyday in an affluent school district. I am not offered healthcare through my job.

With Obamacare I was able to buy healthcare. I have a number of chronic conditions including psoriatic arthritis, high blood pressure, and hyperthyroidism. All of them are under control. I wonder what I will do without health insurance. I am taking powerful drugs which need to be monitored to see if they damage my liver.

There must be millions of people like me. What will we do without healthcare?

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v of oakland, CA on Health Care

v of oakland, CA writes:

Don’t take away my safety net! I lost my  COBRA coverage after a divorce at age 57, but was very fortunate to be able to get coverage with Obamacare in 2011. This was an enormous relief: I faced breast cancer at  age 51-a pre-existing condition would have made me ineligible for coverage; or perhaps only eligible for extreme premiums and deductibles. I’m self-employed. Because of the ACA, I didn’t have to go through the anguish of searching for affordable coverage! In 2017 I pay what I was paying on employer-based health plan, and am so relieved to be covered at all! I helped hundreds of people in California enroll in Covered California. American families of all incomes are grateful to be insured. NO ONE SHOULD BE DENIED THE RIGHT TO AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE! Repealing the ACA without a replacement is simply irresponsible and promises to have catastrophic consequences! Mend it, don’t end it.

What kind of country are we? It’s immoral to yank the rug out from so many millions of Americans who, like myself, have only recently been able to get affordable healthcare. We are the only “advanced nation” without this fundamental protection.

Repealing the ACA without a replacement is simply irresponsible and promises to have catastrophic consequences! Mend it, don’t end it.

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Melody of Chattanooga, TN on Health Care

Melody of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and was diagnosed with a thyroid condition when I was 10 years old. Since then, I left to get an education (studying business, law, and policy) and moved back a few years ago, bringing with me a funded fellowship so that I could be a part of helping make East TN a better place.

Recently, I was a major party nominee for office  and could afford to leave my job and run because there was an affordable option for healthcare through the ACA. I also moved back because I was interested in joining the developing startup community if not elected into office. My ability to be an entrepreneur or run for office in the future, as well as for many others, will be severely limited if the ACA is repealed.


Access to affordable healthcare was a big concern that I heard about while running for office all over East TN. A health condition or accident can severely hinder a person’s ability to make a living and support their families. Health is key to work, play, and life in general.

After talking to people and studying the issue, I am sure of a few things: families should not lose all of their savings because they get sick, health issues get worse when folks can’t get access to affordable healthcare, and the cost of healthcare before ACA was prohibitively expensive and out-of-reach for average Americans and Tennesseans. The ACA needs to be improved, not repealed.

Some officials have called people like me “uninsurable.” This is misguided- I have been a productive member of my community, working, regularly volunteering, and participating in local advocacy efforts. There are a lot of folks like me in East TN with health concerns. Repealing the ACA will not only hinder those just trying to support their families and life, but will stifle innovation and progress for those like me to start a business and take big steps to make our community a better place.

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Test of Test, FL on Budget

Test of Test, FL writes:




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Troy of New York, NY on Economic Fairness

Troy of New York, NY writes:

I am an Army veteran and law school graduate (J.D.) from the University of St. Thomas School of Law, with a BA in Political Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead. In addition to military service and legal experience, I also have a background in political campaigns at the national, state, and local levels.

I got my start in politics campaigning in the 2008 Iowa Caucus for now-President Barack Obama. I also write screenplays, I’m currently writing a book, and serve as a writer | editor-in-chief of AgreeingLoudly.com.

I’m passionate about baseball, film, history, politics, good public policy, and progress. I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently live in New York City in the Harlem neighborhood with my wife and cat. I spend a considerable amount of time organizing in my community through the nonprofits Harlem R.B.I., Harlem Grown, and Harlem Run.

My relationship to basic economic fairness is deeply rooted in solidarity for all people and my concern that our economy is fundamentally, in the middle of a 2nd Gilded Age, with policy-makers unconcerned about this fact.

On top of fundamental economic inequality that is plaguing our country and people right now, and has for many decades, I’m also deeply concerned about US Foreign Policy pursuing a course of endless, bloody, expensive, and counter-productive wars that are fought and implemented by less than one percent of the population, with the rest of the population either powerless or unconcerned to stop it.

Finally, I am fundamentally concerned about going many steps backward in the areas of human rights (civil, voting, etc.).

I am different today because I have been liberated by the Democratic Party hitting rock bottom “electorally speaking.” I am going to advocate for exactly the world that I believe in for the rest of my life and I ask that you do the same, whatever that change may be — be the change you want to see in the world. Always. And do it without compromising any fundamental values.

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Molly of El Cerrito, CA on Health Care

Molly of El Cerrito, CA writes:

I started organizing in 2004 after John Kerry’s loss. I was so mad that he lost, but realized I had done nothing to help him win. So, I decided to get involved. Around that same time, I read a book about a very early organizer in the 1930’s – Myles Horton – and how he taught others how to organize for Labor Rights and Civil Rights. I knew I wanted to have a group of people who wanted to stand up for what we believed in our own Democracy right here in West Contra Costa County, CA.

That seeded my involvement in the Obama Campaign and I have been organizing every since. Health care access is very important to me. I have a pre-existing condition and could probably not get covered at any cost if I lost my employer insurance. Covered California is my lifeline and the lifeline for millions of others. I want to protect the progress we have made the last 8 years.

I have a pre-existing condition and could not be covered at any cost if I lost my employer insurance. Covered California is my safety net if I ever lost my job.  My father was a Veteran and his Veteran’s health benefits were essential in his older years. My mother is covered under Medicare. Both of my parents had access to health care at critical times when the needed it and I have too. Health care is a human right and everyone should have access regardless of means.

I want to do everything in power to make sure that not only that the Affordable Care Act is protected, but that it is also extended even more than it is today. Please work with me to protect our progress!

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Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA on Climate Change

Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA writes:

How can we not care about the air we breathe? About the sustainability of the world we inhabit? About the shape that we leaving this planet in for our own children and grandchildren? I am very proud of the movement’s and President Obama’s achievements in getting serious about climate change in a global scale and deeply concerned about the reversal that Trump, a climate change denier, could bring.


I wrote the song What We Leave Behind / Lo que vamos a Dejar (the music video for which you can watch at the link above) to try to share my motivation and to celebrate the efforts of so many  who fight for the survival of our planet and our species. That may sound grandiose but the stakes are truly that serious and that potentially terrifying.

The music video includes the work of professional crews from the US as well as workshop students in my native Colombia. It made sense to film in different countries to speak about a common issue that affects the world as a whole.   Working with these students provided me with renewed hope and inspiration,  and reminded me that just as we could leave behind heaps of trash and toxic ruins we can choose to pass down hope and the willingness to change. Nothing was more gratifying than empowering them to lead the way.


We have to step up for this is a fight that we not only wage for ourselves but for our children and theirs, and for countless others that have yet to be born. We may have had a terrible setback during these elections, but it’s our very future that’s at stake. We get back up. Together, we can make our stand.


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