Shernaz of Danville, CA on Bullying

Shernaz of Danville, CA writes:

I’ve lived in California for 4 years with my husband and 3 sons. We moved here from Houston, TX and love the climate and people in California.  I’m a full time mom now but have previously worked for non-profits in the fields of healthcare and higher education.

As a child, I lived in a society where bullying was sadly quite common, and am determined to prevent it from happening as much as I possibly can.

I’m a full time mom and feel very strongly about issues of equality, women’s rights, bullying, racism and bigotry. I’ve never really been involved in politics but this election has troubled me so much that I feel a strong commitment to take some sort of action.  The hate that Trump and his team are spreading towards minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ, etc. bothers me deeply and has galvanized me into getting involved.  I worry about my children growing up in a country in which they will have no place because of the color of their skin, and fear that all the progress we have made as a society towards embracing tolerance, love and respect for others will be negated by the new administration.

We have to take a stand against bullying, of which racism is the ugliest manifestation.  We must expose it whenever and wherever it exists and not rest until we live in the kind of tolerant and respectful society that we all hope for.

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