Sheila of Orinda, CA on Health Care

Sheila of Orinda, CA writes:

Four years ago, I moved back into to my father’s house because he desperately needed help with my mother who had dementia. I need to work at a job where I could quit when my help became essential. Even though I have a MA and years of experience teaching, I couldn’t work full time and care for two 90 year old who were both failing dramatically,  so I signed up as a substitute teacher. I have saved my father’s life twice by being able to stop work. I stopped work when my mother had a stroke and died to take care of her full time. Now my father has serious dementia. I also must pay for half my daughter’s room and board at her college. I make less than 20,000 a year working almost everyday in an affluent school district. I am not offered healthcare through my job.

With Obamacare I was able to buy healthcare. I have a number of chronic conditions including psoriatic arthritis, high blood pressure, and hyperthyroidism. All of them are under control. I wonder what I will do without health insurance. I am taking powerful drugs which need to be monitored to see if they damage my liver.

There must be millions of people like me. What will we do without healthcare?

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