Sarah of Los Angeles, CA on Health Care

Sarah of Los Angeles, CA writes:

Born and raised in Southern California, I have been privileged to work with homeless mentally ill individuals for 10 years, until a combination of a car accident and psoriatic arthritis disabled me.

I have psoriatic arthritis. If it’s not treated, my hands wither into useless claws and I end up in a wheelchair. The drugs to fight psoriatic arthritis cost thousands of dollars a month – I could never afford them without Obamacare. Right now, Congress is voting to repeal Obamacare with no plan to replace it. They repeal: I cannot afford my drugs. Essentially, each member voting to repeal Obamacare is voting to make me a paraplegic. I have never been more terrified than I am right now.

I am 42. I shouldn’t have to become a paraplegic because of nothing more than politics. Please help stop this

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