Start Building Power Locally

Each step below is a step in the direction that builds the power you need to make real change. Use the guides, templates and tools to support your work.

Build Your List of Supporters & Allies

Build a list of allies willing to join you in your cause.

  • request a list of potential supporters to contact
  • build a list of supporters you know w/ this template signup form


  • Signup sheet template
  • Voter File: List of supporters to call
  • Training

Track Your Data & Organize Your List

Organize your list so you can keep track of who can do what, how to reach them so you can mobilize each other later.


  • MyCampaign access
  • Google sheet template
  • Training

Collect stories, identify skills & strengths

Talk with each other. Get to know one another well enough to know how to include each other in the work.  By meeting 1-on-1 you can learn the best way to work together and capitalize on each other's strengths.


  • Story Tool
  • 1:1 checklist
  • Share 1-on-1 Highlights
  • Training

Create a Goal & Plan to Reach It

  1. Determine Your Goal
  2. Decide Who/What Influences That Outcome
  3. Decide which tactics you could use to influence them
  4. Take Action & Debrief

Use this toolkit to facilitate identifying concrete goals and a plan to meet them.

[provide simple worksheets that make it easier for folks to do a theory of change, power map, goal setting doc w/o all the academic words that overcomplicate it]

Menu of advocacy tactics, worksheet to challenge folks to ask the question which tactics do they want to use to influence the goal? or do they have others? and how will they know if it is working etc


  • Create a theory of change
  • Powermap
  • Set Goals
  • Training

Plan & Take an Action Together

Use this worksheet to pick one tactic to work on together, and test to see how it influences progress toward your goal.

Organize a Team to Implement the Plan

Your team's mission is to create the structure & support that enables others to participate.

[Team planning worksheet, camp obama 2008 team worksheets... norm setting, etc etc]


  • worksheet
  • tool
  • training

Create a Drumbeat of Action

Create a drumbeat of action and find ways to increase the volume & frequency of your work until you win.


  • Example campaign calendar