Molly of Las Vegas, NV on Women’s Rights

Molly of Las Vegas, NV writes:

I have been living abroad for over a decade but I still value my ties to the Las Vegas community. Nearly everything American that my daughter has experienced comes from Vegas: the great parks in Summerlin, the fabulous library and its wonderful summer programs.

I worry what message President Trump will send my daughter and her generation of American women.

I have lived abroad for over a decade, in a developing country with a tradition of chauvinism and misogyny. I have seen how activists here have used the standards set in the US to fight for more rights at home. I worry that under the Trump administration, the progress that women have made in the US will erode, and that will also undermine the progress made elsewhere, as well.

I grew up in the US during a time of empowerment. It didn’t seem so then, but as I think about it, everything around me was sending the message that I could do anything, be anything. After many years abroad, I have seen that many girls do not receive those messages, are not encouraged to live to their full potential. The Trump campaign used every opportunity to undermine the progress women have made. Stronger women make a stronger country. We teach that abroad, we need to protect it at home.

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