Meet Nancy of El Sobrante, CA by Molly Hermes

Molly Hermes writes:

Nancy has been organizing with OFA since the 2008 election. She was also a team lead for HRC. Nancy served as the Regional Field Officer for our county for the 2012 election. Nancy is a phone banking expert and is very interested in "export" phonebanking into Battleground States. Export phonebanking into swing/battleground/red areas is one of the primary ways that solidly Blue California helps the rest of the nation.

Nancy and I have been volunteering together since 2010. When I was the Regional Field Officer she was my second. When she stepped up to be the Regional Field Officer I was her support person. Nancy and I have a lot in common and through the community we have kept going since 2010, we even watch basketball together!

Nancy is interested in taking back the House of Representatives in 2018. Right now, she is phone banking into Louisiana for tomorrow's general election. She is keeping her options open on which "new" group to join. She is going to all of the calls that every group (Courage Campaign, Brand New Congress, Our Revolution, OFA, Rebuild the Hope). She wants to work with a group that has a plan to take back the House in 2018 and use her expertise as an export phone banker to help other districts that are not Blue become Blue. She is committing to go to Rebuild the Hope's National Calls, but is not going to play a further role until she is clear who has the best plan for taking back the House. She recognizes that all of the media type events and contacting her rep are helpful, she wants to put her solid volunteer time into taking back the House.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join Nancy and Molly taking action: