Meet Malou of Burlingame, CA by Molly Hermes

Molly Hermes writes:

Malou emigrated from the Phillipines to the United States. She grew up in a Phillipine military family and grew up under the Marcos dictatorship. She is a first time volunteer. Although she has not previously been politically active, she was devastated after the election and is determined to get involved. She is not sure how to do that yet, and is in the exploring stage of her journey.

We had first time volunteering in common. I talked to her about what building a group is like, my experience when I was a first time volunteer, and the organizing may be as simple as pulling together 5 of her friends, talking about the issues, and then contacting her congressperson.

Malou is going to take a look at the information for Rebuild the Hope that I sent to her. She is travelling over the holidays and is going to check out the website more and think more about how she wants to proceed. She said she would like to keep in touch with me so my plan is to check in from time to time.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join Malou and Molly taking action: