Meet Kook of Richmond, CA by Molly Hermes

Molly Hermes writes:

Together We Can! Let's Protect the ACA!Kook Huber originally emigrated from Japan as a student, met her husband, both worked in the civil rights movement, and raised a family in Indiana where they lived for 40 years. After a career in the health care industry as a statistical programmer, Kook and her husband moved to Richmond, California to be close to their grandkids. Kook came out and joined our team to re-elect President Obama in 2012, and then caught the organizing bug for life and became the lead organizer to enroll people to the Affordable Care Act (Covered California) in the big push after 2012. Kook is an amazing organizer and became an OFA Fellow.

Kook and I are both Midwesterners. I grew up in Ohio. She spent 40 years in Indiana. She said "I'm a Hoosier!" Being a Midwesterner has become her identity but protecting and involving immigrants into activism in the US is her passion.

Kook is right now organizing with OFA. But, she like the agile platform of Rebuild the Hope. OFA was quite top down and didn't have a lot of agile tools. She and discussed that OFA and Rebuild the Hope could team up – all of organizing is both/and. She does want to build small teams as I do, but she also has 500 hot leads right in our County for OFA. She signed up for the call and is going to get back to me in how she wants to be involved. She is heavily involved in Covered CA enrollment, but also has an extensive network of Asian/Pacific Islander immigrant activists. She wants to align all classes in organizing, and works hard to bring very poor people to the table. That is another of her passions. Helping very poor people build power.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join Kook and Molly taking action: