Meet Bob of Sacramento, CA by Molly Hermes

Molly Hermes writes:

Bob is a retired California State employee and lives in Sacramento. He served as an OFA fellow in 2012 and ran the Sacramento staging location for the 2012 election. He has been involved since with OFA in the Sacramento area. Bob is also a musician and one of his hobbies is musicology. He has been researching protest songs throughout the country since the Revolutionary War and beyond. He love to organize and is going to be my co-leader in Organizing Northern California

We are both musicians. Bob sings and plays guitar and holds a monthly jam where he and his friends jam out to all kinds of Americana – blue grass, country, folk, etc. I play the violin and play Appalachian fiddle music.

Bob is going to organize Northern California with me. He is specifically going to find leads in his area (Sacramento and the surrounding location) and then help me find leads in the more densely populated Bay Area.

We’re stronger when we ACT together. Join Bob and Molly taking action: