Ellen of Brooklyn, NY on Women’s Rights

Ellen of Brooklyn, NY writes:

I moved from Middlebury, Vermont ten years ago and have spent the past decade in various jobs, primarily in public service, across the country. We are returning to the Middlebury area (Cornwall) in February to raise our daughter in a wonderful, unique community and to reconnect with friends and family. I am excited to engage with my neighbors as we work to protect and build on the progress of the past eight years. I believe my daughter will grow up in a world of greater equality and tolerance than ever before, but only if I work to make that world with my community.

I am a woman working in a male dominated industry, and everyday I feel the invisible restrictions placed on me and my sisters and my friends. I look at my daughter and I am terrified of the days when she will have to be wary¬†on a public bus or a crowded street to avoid the groping hands or vile words of men around her, or worse. And then, because we are white, I try to understand how this fear of mine would be so much larger and more present if my daughter’s skin was brown or black, and how many other overt or subtle limits and attacks would be part of her everyday experience. I am committed to building a more peaceful, loving, tolerant world for children of all races, genders, sexual orientations. I believe that women are qualified for positions of leadership and I know we stand a better chance than ever to achieve those goals.

I am committed to taking an active role in making a new, better world one step at a time.

I am committed to building and becoming part of a community of passionate activists who seek the same, to learn from each other and grow a movement.

I am terrified of the impacts a Trump presidency will have on the progress made under President Obama, and I am committed to holding the dam wherever and as much as possible.

I am hoping to find colleagues and friends in this work.

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