Deshirl of Garards Fort, PA on Health Care

Deshirl of Garards Fort, PA writes:

I am a retired county employee in southwestern Pennsylvania. I am an active member of the community, staying involved in several serving organizations or positions. I like to help as often as I can in any capacity that I find a need!

     Now that PE Donald Trump has won the election, I have begun contemplating the personal effect. I began having a health concern in May which has not been definitively diagnosed and still I continue to suffer with it.  My husband and I are considering changing our health insurance coverage which could severely impact the health care I am able to secure.  We have looked at Affordable Care as an option, and we continue to ruminate over our best options.
We are fearful at this time about what we will be able to do in this situation. Threats to pull out the known health options without proffering any other alternatives, is leaving us stressed and concerned. We do not know how we will be able to process the changes that may be in store, but we are afraid at this time, thinking of what is ahead of us.
Deshirl Yesenosky

Our concerns regarding my health care haunt us daily. We explore our options and hope that we will be able to make good decisions based upon the need. It would be good for there to be clear, simple offerings that are expected to replace the Affordable Care Act, since it has been so adamantly pronounced that it will  be revoked.  I hope that others who find themselves where I am now, will also write, call, and request, WHAT NOW?!

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