Carrie of Albany, CA on Education

Carrie of Albany, CA writes:

I have taught students with learning disabilities for over fifteen years, in both public and private schools, as well as after school each day. I work with those most significantly affected by their disabilities: kids who need one-on-one support to succeed. I love my work, and get a ton of satisfaction seeing my students improve in reading, writing, and math skills.

Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education is appalling. She has no ahem, EDUCATION in our field, and her extreme  far-right views, will take badly-needed funds from our public schools. The last thing our students, or teachers need, is less support than they already have. If you set back education, you set back an entire generation of learners, affecting their individual lives, and our entire social system. We need these young people to be strong thinkers, and readers, writers, scientists and engineers, artists and musicians some day. We cannot afford to deprive them of a good education.

My own two kids just graduated from public schools in 2016. They are both in college. Not only did we need the public schools, since we’re not well-off,  but now we rely on Federal subsidized loans, to keep them in college. Please oppose this extremist poorly educated choice for Secretary of Education, and help preserve the limited funding that our schools, and our college students now have.

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