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Step-by-step guides, templates, and tools are below to support the work of organizers like you around the country and help answer your questions! Thank you for being the kind of citizen that steps up and continues to fight for what's right. We can't wait to help you get started!

Before your representatives returns to congress to do Trump's bidding, let them know their job description comes from you -- the people -- not from other politicians.

Key Dates

  • TBD - Host Prep Call
  • Dec 1st - 8th #ImYourBoss Actions
  • Jan 3rd Congress returns to session


Congress will return in January to make critical decisions: whether to accept appointments of folks who deny science to run the EPA, whether to repeal the Affordable Care Act, etc

Make sure your representatives know YOU ARE the boss, not Trump.

Here's an example campaign you could organize to influence your representative to represent you when they return to office under a Trump Presidency.

What Success Looks Like

1 Press Event the day before your represenatives return to session where 50 supporters are delivering 100 signed copies of what they want their representative's job description to be.

(i.e. don't take health care away from millions of Americans, don't put climate denier in charge of the EPA or give the Dept of Interior to an Oil Tycoon)

(1) Collect Signatures & Stories Growing the List of Supporters & Allies

The most basic first step you can take is collecting stories on how people will be affected by the decisions congress is making - and asking people to add their name to the petition reminding your representative whose the boss & the job description you want them to follow.  The power to influence others later depends on the stories & signatures you collect!

GOAL: 100 signatures, 10 stories

(2) Follow Up Identifying Helpers

Have conversations with the folks signing your petition to see who is fired up enough to help you do the work or meet with you one-on-one to learn more about how to get involved.

Goal: 40 conversations with supporters to find 10 excited to meet one-on-one to learn how they can help.

  • Signup to download your list
  • Sample Script


(3) Meet 1-on-1 to Collect Stories, Skills & Strengths

Meet 1-on-1 with at least 10 folks with a goal of getting to know each other well enough to know what motivated you each to the work and to discover experiences each has that could be valuable in supporting the work. (click here for guidance)

Goal: 10 one-on-one meetings to find ways to include 10 more people in your work collecting signatures & stories

  • Best practices for 1-on-1 Meetings

(4) Host a Press Event Planning Meeting

Invite the people you've gotten to know to work together at planning the #ImYourBoss press event. Together, you will work as a team to make sure the stories & signatures you collected are heard by your representative by inviting the media to watch you, your team & many of those supporters in delivering their letters before your rep heads back to Washington.

Goal: 1 press event delivering at least 100 signatures & 10 stories to your representative before they head back to D.C.

(5) Deliver Your Letters to Your Senator's Office!

Invite your local media to come watch your team deliver letters and petitions to your Senator or Representative! Have someone from your team share their personal story about how they'll be affected by Trump's agenda if your representatives support it!

  • Lookup local press contacts
  • Template Media Advisory
  • Draft remarks for speakers
  • Sample run of show / event checklist

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