Ask an Organizer

Thank you for stepping up in your community to empower others to join you in advocating for the values we share!  We know it can get tough sometimes, add your questions here and members of the organizing community will be on hand to help answer your questions and give advice!

Ask or answer questions below:

  • Telisha

    I don’t know what to do. Should I call my congressman? What do I even say?

    • Kelley Sullins Elliott

      Did you get connected yet Telisha?

  • Karen G

    Hi, I’m in Huntsville, Alabama and we’re looking for a platform like this to organize volunteers/activists for our local community. Would we be able to get that focused using this? For example, we want to manage a group of volunteers based on their skills and farm them out to local non-profits/organizations that support communities who’ll be targeted by Trump’s administration. Or, conversely, get organizations to post what they need and push that out to local activists. Is that what this will do? We are all so ready to do something and we’re hearing a lot of “what can I do?”

    • Justin Wilkins

      Hi Karen G. Tuesday we will be launching an effort via Stronger U.S. that will support everything you’re looking for. It will give you access to the ability to start organizing locally, find local supporters and build power. Ping us at and we’ll connect you early. Thank you for stepping up! (and hello from Chattanooga!)

      • Karen G

        Hi, Justin. I’m just seeing this and I will send an email now. Thank you for your reply! We are ready!

    • Kelley Sullins Elliott

      Karen, did you get a chance to connect with the Stronger U.S. working group yet?

      • Karen G

        No, but I will! Thank you for your reply!

  • disqus_yAOhd2UBtw

    Hi Linda! We think we see you in there. Email us at and we will look you up by email to confirm!

  • Lynda Woolard

    If anyone would like to help make calls for Foster Campbell (US Senate candidate) in the Louisiana run-off, you can join our call team. It’s super simple. Sign up and you’ll start receiving our daily email with the virtual phone bank link of the day. Early voting starts on Saturday, so we will be shifting to GOTV just after Thanksgiving!

  • Brooke Scott

    Hi, I had to leave the call when it broke in to breakout groups because I was still putting children to bed. To answer the question posed before I left: I am looking for you to help me connect locally and back where I grew up. I am in Toronto currently and have already contacted Dems Abroad and will be going back during midterms to one of the counties in central Illinois that was close. I am registered to vote in Rhode Island. I am hoping to galvanize the ‘mom’ base. I have five children and want to work with others to show that we can make a difference. Any suggestions locally and thank you!

    • Kelley Sullins Elliott

      So glad you want to be a part Brooke! Here is a menu of choices to help you get started.

      Start here:
      Recruit Others to Add Names to the List: One thing we know we’ll need is more people involved than ever before. Build the power for us to fight by inviting team members to join the fight:

      Invite people to our national calls to learn more:

      Contact Your Rep: to at

      Write a Letter to Editor: to at

      Share a Facebook/Twitter Message:

      Create a Group to Organize Locally:

      Share Your Story: how you could be affected by a Trump Agenda at (this is one of the most power weapons we have – stories of how people could be affected or why they support our progress)

      Join a working group at:
      Digital: amplifying stories & action online to build the list
      Research: crowdsource important votes, other orgs, etc to share w/ community

      Organize an #ImYourBoss Day of Action:
      Don’t let Congress go back into session without knowing who is boss – YOU. US.Build a team to deliver hundreds of signatures supporting the Protect Our Progress Job Description. Learn more about what this looks like and how to organize one in your community

      Host a House Meeting
      Organize a house party in your neighborhood to connect people with the #I’mYourBoss, Start Building Power Locally Initiatives and other initiatives/points of entry.

      Join “Start Building Power Locally Initiative”:
      Build your own team and advocacy campaign by talking with voters in your community to identify common values, interests and resources you can use to advocate together.

  • Molly Corso

    Hi, I am very interested in doing something pro-active, but I live abroad. I am registered to vote in Nevada and currently live in Tbilisi, Georgia. I welcome any suggestions on how to take part and help make a difference – and hold the government accountable.

    • Jason in OH

      Hi Molly! One of the most powerful things folks can do now is help catalog stories on how people will be affected by Trump’s agenda, and the repeal of progress we’ve made — and encourage folks to share those stories locally. Recruiting friends in the states willing to speak up by sharing a story, authoring a LTE or signing up to host and event are all examples of some actions that would help build capacity for later.

    • Kelley Sullins Elliott

      Molly, did you get to share your story yet? Are you interested in the Organizing Working Group?

    • Roseann Milano

      I recently found out I’m 11% Caucasus – so right now I’m fascinated with Georgia!

  • Kelley Sullins Elliott

    Linda, Did you get your issue resolved? We want to make sure you connect with Rebuild The Hope.

  • Andrew Baxter

    Need help designing a campaign strategy for a low-profile school board election that I hope can be the first building block in our local organization. Any organizers with electoral or issue experience wanna chat about how I can do this without no money lol

    • Kelly Canady

      Hey Andrew,

      School board races are a great, great way to build local power! What city and state are you in? I’ll try to connect you with someone as local, if at all possible.

      Best, Kelly

  • JudyMel Barwinske

    January 15, 2017 is ACA Day of Action. Is there and activity in the Pittsburgh Area being planned?? Our team has about 20 who would like to participate. PLEASE ADVISE!

    • ProtectMyCare

      Hi Judy! We could really use your help contacting supporters in Tennessee to contact Senator Alexander. See If you all are interested we can provide lists and scripts into Tennessee. Just let us know!

  • JudyMel Barwinske

    How do I retrieve my password?

  • Karen Andresen

    When I registered for a toolkit to host a phonebank, all I got is a return email saying :Thanks for adding your name. The next most powerful thing you can do is share a story on how you, or someone you know will be affected by Trump’s dangerous agenda.
    It is also difficult to find the link to make calls through the VPB. The take action link at the top refers you to a link to register people. Keep up the great work!

  • sactobob

    Why are there posting about masturbation and adult sex toys on the Groups & Teams pages? Is somebody spamming the system with all this junk?

  • Barbara Fisher

    I’m waiting for my phone bank toolkit. My group wants to call voters in red states, urging them to call their members of congress to ask that they defend and preserve the ACA. We’re meeting on Monday. Can you help with accessing voter lists and phone numbers, please.

  • Karen Andresen

    The Arizona phone bank should be deleted from the call page as it is over. Then people get confused because it asks for a VPB code. Thanks for your commitment to the ACA.

  • Karen Andresen

    The Arizona script says Tennessee instead of Arizona.

  • Rap_Porter

    I’ve tried signing up to host an ACA phone bank several times. Each time I get e-mails from someone called “Lenda” asking for more information about myself, but the messages are from “” and I never hear back after I respond. I am hoping your system will get fixed because if this is happening to others you are losing everyone who wants to host phone banking.