Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA on DACA and DREAMers

Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA writes:

By singing and participating in rallies throughout the country, I met many DREAMers whose stories touched me deeply and inspired me to write a second immigration song: Dream to Belong (the video above).  I was devastated to learn that Joaquin Luna, a teen DREAMer, had taken his own life when he figured his undocumented status would keep him from fulfilling his dream of becoming an Engineer. The song is dedicated in his memory and also it’s for all DREAMers who we have to make sure never lose hope.  We can never stop fighting for the opportunities they deserve.

The USA was built on a DREAM: a dream of freedom, of opportunity, the belief that if you put in the hard work you could achieve anything. That dream inspired migration and brought many to build railroads and work the fields, to join the beautiful diversity which makes US the country we are today.


That dream of opportunity led parents to bring their small children into the US, seeking to give them a better life. These children grew up here. This is their home.

This fueled our struggle for the DREAM Act, DACA and immigration reform. DREAMers too have had to seek the land of opportunity where they already live, where their fulfillment has been denied for too long. They have inspired me as they have inspired so many because they embody that struggle to grow, to achieve and to give back as much as they possibly can. Through their relentless pursuit of education and desire to work, DREAMers not only better themselves but the country they love. When our nation opens its arms to Dreamers, it’s getting closer to a more complete fulfillment of its fundamental promise. It is this embrace that brings us closer to a more perfect union, a nation with an arc bending towards justice.


“Dream to Belong” chronicles the activism of many DREAMers and allies trying to make that promise a reality, not for some but for all. DACA was a giant leap but unlike CIR it can and has been under threat, and under Trump the threat will grow. We can’t stop seeking a compassionate solution that includes the hardworking families who made such a tremendous effort to give their children, the DREAMers, a brighter future. Join our efforts. Together, Sí, Se Puede!


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