Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA on Climate Change

Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA writes:

How can we not care about the air we breathe? About the sustainability of the world we inhabit? About the shape that we leaving this planet in for our own children and grandchildren? I am very proud of the movement’s and President Obama’s achievements in getting serious about climate change in a global scale and deeply concerned about the reversal that Trump, a climate change denier, could bring.


I wrote the song What We Leave Behind / Lo que vamos a Dejar (the music video for which you can watch at the link above) to try to share my motivation and to celebrate the efforts of so many  who fight for the survival of our planet and our species. That may sound grandiose but the stakes are truly that serious and that potentially terrifying.

The music video includes the work of professional crews from the US as well as workshop students in my native Colombia. It made sense to film in different countries to speak about a common issue that affects the world as a whole.   Working with these students provided me with renewed hope and inspiration,  and reminded me that just as we could leave behind heaps of trash and toxic ruins we can choose to pass down hope and the willingness to change. Nothing was more gratifying than empowering them to lead the way.


We have to step up for this is a fight that we not only wage for ourselves but for our children and theirs, and for countless others that have yet to be born. We may have had a terrible setback during these elections, but it’s our very future that’s at stake. We get back up. Together, we can make our stand.


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