Andres of Los Angeles, CA on Immigration

Andres Useche of Los Angeles, CA writes:


I am an immigrant.  When I first arrived in the USA, there was a person that helped me and my family the most, a lovely elderly lady who happened to be undocumented. She worked all day and cleaned corporate floors all night to give her children the best life that she could.  It broke my heart to see that she and so many like her in our communities were and are discriminated against in this country of immigrants. I wrote the song Marching into the Light (the music video for which you can watch above) in support of immigration reform and the DREAM Act, both backed by President Obama. Too many ignore how Republicans blocked the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, blocked DAPA and how they’ve supported anti-immigrant laws like SB1070 around the country. Things are only getting worse as Trump has openly insulted our communities and vowed to deport millions of people, separating hard-working  immigrant families.  Please join us in the struggle to end discrimination and prejudice. Let’s cherish the diversity which has always been a part of these United States and which has propelled this nation into becoming, at its best, a beacon of hope, uniting our common dreams of equality and freedom for all.



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