I'm Going to Fight for What's Right

"Obama alumni and activists. Let's put the network back together, paid for by us, and make real change. Ready and waiting for you!" - Molly H. (El Cerrito, CA)

In the weeks and months ahead a new Congress and President will be making decisions that affect our lives. With so much on the line, we have to ask ourselves, "Are we willing to step up to protect the values we share?"

Say YES and join people like you across the country deciding to fight to challenge Trump & Republican's pledge to rip health care aware from millions of Americans by repealing the Affordable Care Act, instituting mass deportation, reinstituting stop and frisk, or denying climate change while appointing climate deniers to head the EPA and Oil Tycoons over the Department of the Interior. That's just the start.

Join people liking you in this fight – because protecting the progress we’ve made is going to take us all working together. We need unity. We need you.

Add your name to the team:

So what can I do right now?

Get Informed

View the list of important upcoming decisions that need your voice and organized advocacy.

Host #ImYourBoss Day of Action

Don’t let Congress go back into session without knowing who is boss – YOU. US.
Build a team to deliver hundreds of signatures supporting the Protect Our Progress Job Description. Learn more about what this looks like and how to organize one in your community.

Contact Your Representative

Contact your representatives to share your position on issues, the stories of how it affects people in your community and ask for their commitment to act.

...Take Action With Great Organizations & Causes

Find Advocacy Opportunities

See what other organizers are doing across the country to advocate. Lookup existing advocacy opportunities or add your own so that wherever anyone is in this country they have a chance to be a part of your great work.

Connect with Organizations

Connect with great progressive organizations working to advance the issues and causes we care about.

Stand Up to Hate

Across the country, Donald Trump’s rhetoric has inspired violence, intimidation, and intolerance. Many in our community are afraid. Learn what you can do to be a safe ally and friend to those being impacted. Empower those who feel like their voice is being marginalized. Stand up for equality.

Fight to Protect the Affordable Care Act

Influence Senators who could influence the vote to repeal the ACA by mobilizing supporters in targeted states.

...Build the Capacity to Fight by Recruiting People & Sharing Stories

Recruit Friends & Supporters

Help build capacity for the fights ahead
by building the list of allies and supporters
in your area willing to fight.

Speak Up & Share Your Story

Collect and share stories of how local people are affected
by the Republican agenda on issues you care about.

...Organize Your Own Action!

Design Your Own Advocacy Action

Use a step by step guide to organize your own advocacy campaign, set goals, plan and build a team to reach them.

Join the "Build Power Locally" Initiative

Build your own team and advocacy campaign with the support of Stronger U.S., a partner that will guide you on how to engage voters in your community to identify common values, interests and resources you can use to advocate together.

Our Stories

rain of berkeley, CA on Health Care

rain of berkeley, CA writes: I’m a self employed woman, living in Berkeley California. I worked for 10 years as a hospital social worker here in Berkeley, then, thanks to the ACA, was able to open my own business (a private healthcare practice) in late 2013. I had previously been denied coverage due to pre-existing…

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Carrie of Albany, CA on Education

Carrie of Albany, CA writes: I have taught students with learning disabilities for over fifteen years, in both public and private schools, as well as after school each day. I work with those most significantly affected by their disabilities: kids who need one-on-one support to succeed. I love my work, and get a ton of…

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Sarah of Los Angeles, CA on Health Care

Sarah of Los Angeles, CA writes: Born and raised in Southern California, I have been privileged to work with homeless mentally ill individuals for 10 years, until a combination of a car accident and psoriatic arthritis disabled me. I have psoriatic arthritis. If it’s not treated, my hands wither into useless claws and I end…

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Sheila of Orinda, CA on Health Care

Sheila of Orinda, CA writes: Four years ago, I moved back into to my father’s house because he desperately needed help with my mother who had dementia. I need to work at a job where I could quit when my help became essential. Even though I have a MA and years of experience teaching, I couldn’t…

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v of oakland, CA on Health Care

v of oakland, CA writes: Don’t take away my safety net! I lost my  COBRA coverage after a divorce at age 57, but was very fortunate to be able to get coverage with Obamacare in 2011. This was an enormous relief: I faced breast cancer at  age 51-a pre-existing condition would have made me ineligible…

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Melody of Chattanooga, TN on Health Care

Melody of Chattanooga, TN writes: I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and was diagnosed with a thyroid condition when I was 10 years old. Since then, I left to get an education (studying business, law, and policy) and moved back a few years ago, bringing with me a funded fellowship so that I could be a…

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About RebuildTheHope.org

BuildTheHope was one of the first sites launched in 2007 to empower volunteers of the 2008 Obama Campaign. It acted as a place where volunteers could connect with each other to begin organizing work that would build volunteer teams that ultimately led to the election of President Barack Obama. BuildTheHope helped support efforts that led to historic legislation – historic progress – improving the lives of millions of Americans.

With so much at stake after the recent presidential election, we felt it was time to reorganize and rebuild that hope. Your tools and support can create change. You can help our country realize the potential it has to be bold, honest, caring, inclusive, and uniquely strong. We have to band together for progress. We need your help! Signup to volunteer. Take pride. Pitch in.

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